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The Joy of Virtual flying!

Jet Airways Virtual aims to provide it's pilot with maximum joy with utmost professionalism. With well over 2500 routes available in the database and regular training material provided by our Head of IFATC, pilots can enjoy while learning. Jet Airways Virtual provides it's pilots with the most friendly atmosphere in virtual world so that they feel it a home away from home!

An all in one fleet!

From regional propelor aircrafts to long haul legends, our fleet offers everything! Thanks to our Jet Partners, we have more than 100 aircrafts in our fleet!

Vast route network!

Our route database offers the pilots with more than 2500+ routes, covering 5 major continents and connecting 417 cities around the globe. Dosen't it look huge!

3 Flight Modes

3 Flight Mode, Infinite amount of fun. Our 3 fun filled and interesting flight modes will help our pilots to never get bored for a long enough time!

An ultimate experience!

At Jet Airways Virtual, we provide you with the friendliest environment we could! With all the staff and pilots ready to support you 24/7, you would feel home away from home!


Where Joy of Flying meets professionalism!

At Jet Airways Virtual we aim to provide the finest of pilot experience with the best in class knowledge. Our Chief of IFATC, posts weekly unique questions that enhances the knowledge of our pilots regarding virtual flying and IFATC!

To enhance the pilot experience, our discord server has multiple bots which are fully integrated with our Airtable crew center and Infinite Flight live API taking the VA experience to another level!

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