Aiming to provide the best of VA Experience!

Our Flight Modes

Jet Airways Virtual Free Play

The basic, relaxing and enjoyable flight mode, the Jet Airways Virtual Free Play allows the pilot to explore the world in an unmatched manner. With the whole route database open to be explored, our pilots can fly anytime and anywhere in the world corresponding to their rank.

Jet Airways Virtual Career Mode

Realistic, professional and exhilarated are the words best describing the Career Mode. Jet Airways Virtual is the first Indian VA to provide the pilots with Career Mode. Explore the mesmerizing landscape of India with the professionalism and realism.

Global Weekly

An amazing addition to the Free Play, we present Global Weekly! Explore the world with our featured themes for every day of the week. We allow pilots to fly around the globe based on the regional theme defined for each day! An unmatched experience never seen by anyone!

Route Picks

Jet Airways Virtual will provide its pilots with the finest routes from each of the 5 regions, Asia, Americas, Oceania, Africa, Europe, and especially, India for every week. Our pilots can choose to fly any route from them regardless of rank and avail a 2x multiplier!


Our Ranking Structure

Free Play Ranking Structure.png